About Us

caramCARAM (Centre For Advanced Research on Alternative Medicine) was established on 9th September 1994 at Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Bhubaneswar premises.

Later it was registered at the City: Bhubaneswar, District: Khurda, State: Orissa, Country: India on 8th Feb 2000.

The founder members of the organisation are:

Shri Ajit Kumar Tripathy, Ex-Chief Secretary, Orissa,

Dr. Srimanta Patra

and Dr. Jiban Kumar Dikshit.

Currently, the organisation has grown to serve in various areas like the health care, public health, environment, social justice, primary and adult education, women empowerment, child rights, old age home, day care, promote alternative and complementary medicine services, schools, medicinal garden with different species.


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