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Supreme is One-GOD are many

Commonly we are talking about GOD, Moksha and then other topics. I do not know why I chose this topic to write upon. Not supposed to hurt any one’s feeling. Excuse/pardon me if anything is wrong. Have we followed a new born child behavior, HE cries as he detached from SUPREME but as soon he […]

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There is only two kind of thoughts – those against GOD & those that adhere to GOD’s way of thinking. The first kind of thought is ‘untruth’ or Maya (delusion) or ignorance. The second are Truth or ‘spiritual wisdom’. The whole day our mind wanders in the former kind of thoughts as we believe that […]

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The Secret of Krishna’s Birth

THE SECRET OF KRISHNA’S BIRTH Recently, I have visited my friend Mahesh’s house. His father was watching a television program – Bhagavatham puranic disclosures. As a courtesy, he had put it off and welcomed me inside. I asked him: “Uncle, what was that you were watching?” “I was watching the talk on Sri Krishna’s birth […]

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7 Wonders of Jagannath  Temple

(keep your scientific brain  aside and then read it. Still, if you don’t believe this, then check yourself in Jagannath,  Puri  –  Orissa) : Flag always flaps in opposite direction of wind flow. From any place in Puri, you will find Sudarshan  Chakra (Chakra at the top of Temple) is facing  you only. Normally in daytime  breeze comes from […]

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